Musical Theater

Join us for our Fall Show!

South County Performing Arts puts on two big shows a year.  The fall show starts workshops in August or September with shows held towards the end of January or early February.  The spring show starts workshops in March with shows held in June, usually the two-three weekends AFTER Capistrano Unified schools get out for summer.

S0 that we can includes children of all ages and experience, we have 6 casts separated by age group: SCPA Juniors Cast (6-8 yr olds), Casts A and B (approx. 8 yrs – 5th grade), Cast C and D (middle school), and Cast E (our high school and college cast).

We generally have over 250 kids enrolled in each of our shows.  With so many kids enjoying our program, we rely heavily on our parents volunteers to help make our shows a success!