Where and when are auditions and callbacks?
Auditions and Callbacks will be at Cal Elite Kids in RSM.

What are Audition Workshops?
Audition workshops are available at no cost. Kids will learn songs from the show, a choreographed dance number and learn proper audition technique! They will also receive a list of monologues to practice and memorize at home. At the actual audition, kids will perform a short monologue and sing a song (as an individual) and then perform the dance number (as a small group). To get the most out of the workshops, we encourage kids to attend BOTH sessions for their age group. If your child decides they would like to audition, payment must be received before being assigned an audition number.

What is the deadline to register for AUDITION (submit payment) and get an audition number?
DEADLINE – by 5:00 pm Saturday Feb 15th.

Who are the judges?
South County Performing Arts brings in a panel of judges to cast all of our shows. Many of the judges are industry professionals who are personal friends with Irene. They all have a background in entertainment/theater/performing/production and donate their time to SCPA! Irene will also sit on the panel and rely HEAVILY on their judging panel to cast all of the lead roles to ensure casting is impartial. We videotape all of the auditions so the judges can watch the videos again when making decisions. Since the judges will only see what your child brings to their audition, they need to “bring it” on audition day!

When should we arrive on audition day and how long will it take?
We will be emailing arrival times according to your audition number. Arrival times are NOT your audition time. We have you arriving a little early so that we have plenty of time to check everyone in. Please be ON TIME. All times are APPROXIMATE. Due to the large number of kids auditioning, we try to stagger arrival times, but we have no way to know how long you may have to wait before your turn. PLEASE BE PATIENT and expect to be there a while. Once your child’s audition group finishes, you are free to go.

How will we know when it is our turn?
We will hold approx. 10 kids in chairs to the side of the “stage” area. They will audition in groups of 10, but only do the dance in a group of 5. Please help us by making sure your child is ready to line up when it is almost their turn to join the “on-deck” chairs!

How does an audition work?
Child #1 will walk up to the microphone. He/she should state name, age and what role he/she is auditioning for. “Hi, my name is Johnny Smith. I am 8 years old and I am auditioning for the part of Olaf.” The child will then say their Audition Lines corresponding to the character they are auditioning for (monologue). Next, your child will tell our vocal director what song they will be singing (and the key!). Our vocal director will cue up the song, and they will sing their song. After their individual audition, they exit the stage and wait there in a chair. The rest of the kids in their audition group will do the same thing. Once the entire audition group has gone, that small group of kids will go back on the stage and stand in order. They will then do the audition dance as a group two times. Once each group is finished with their entire audition, they are free to go!

Can we watch auditions?
YES! We encourage parents and kids to watch their child audition! We find that keeping auditions OPEN allow kids and parents to learn what to expect and also allows the parents and cast members to see all the amazing talent we have in South Orange County! We do ask that parents will very small children take them out if they get fussy, or arrange child care for them at home.

Can I videotape my child?
Yes, we do allow you to videotape your own child. For privacy reasons, PLEASE DO NOT VIDEO ANY OTHER AUDITIONS (unless you have the consent of the parent – if you brought your child’s friend to their audition in a carpool, we know you will probably also need to be the one to take the video for that child!). You may NOT video the group dance (because there are other kids dancing in the group). ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEOS ALLOWED AT CALLBACKS.

Why is there a door monitor?
We only allow people to walk in/out of the main door in between auditions. We have a door monitor to make sure each child’s audition gets the complete attention of the judges!

What should my child wear?
Wear black jazz shoes OR closed toed shoes suitable for dancing. Please wear something that is easy to dance in! If you wear a skirt or dress, please wear kick pants under.

My child will be in the JUNIOR cast (ages 6-8). How can they memorize all these lines?
We know some of the Juniors are pretty young. If they can memorize the entire monologue, that is great, but it is not necessary. We do ask you to work on memorizing at least one or two sentences… if they can do the entire monologue, that is even better. Do mock auditions at home. Have them walk in, say their name, their age and what they are auditioning for. Then have them say their lines. Then have them announce “I will be singing the _____________ song,” then play the audition track for them while they sing. Then have them perform the dance.

When are CALLBACKS and what are they?
Sometimes for some of the lead roles, we would like several children to audition again to see how they interact with each other. We may ask them to sing another song from the show. If your child does NOT get a callback, it is not because they were not great! There are very talented kids that don’t get a callback because their performance on audition day was enough to cast them in their role. Usually kids who are being considered for one of the 2-3 lead roles will be called back and asked to read part of the script with each other. This will help the judges to see the kids acting side by side and see how they interact with each other. They may also be asked to read for another character they did not audition for but who the judges think might be a better fit. In the “industry” this is called a mix and match. The judges will mix and match kids in some of the lead roles in order to find the perfect combination. If your child is called back, they may perform their monologue, song and dance again. They will also be given parts of the scripts and asked to cold read with other kids opposite them. They may be asked to sing a new song. CALLBACKS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU IF YOUR CHILD IS BEING CALLED IN. It is your responsibility to check email. We will post in the Facebook group once callbacks have been emailed. Juniors Cast will not have callbacks. CALLBACKS MAY TAKE APPROX. 2+ HOURS.

When will cast lists be posted?
Cast lists are usually complete by the Sunday night after auditions. This will be by Sunday, Feb 23rd. We will email to both primary and secondary contacts from your registration. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT/CALL/EMAIL IRENE OR JOSH REGARDING CASTING/AUDITIONS. THIS WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S CHANCE AT LANDING A BETTER ROLE. THEY ARE BUSY CASTING ALL WEEK AND WILL BE TURNING OFF THEIR PHONES.

When will rehearsals begin?
Rehearsals will begin the week of Monday Feb 24th.