Do I need to pay before audition workshops?

Yes, so that we have enough time to prepare your audition paperwork for the judges, we need you to register each child online AND pay in full before the first audition workshop.

What if my child decides not to audition?

If your child attends the workshops and decides they do not want to audition, you will get a 100% refund.  Please just send us an email and let us know so we can process the refund and remove you from our database.

What are audition workshops?

Audition workshops are very important to get your child ready to audition! At the workshops, kids will learn songs from the show, a choreographed dance number and learn proper audition technique! They will also receive a list of monologues to practice and memorize at home. At the audition, kids will perform a short monologue and sing a song (as an individual) and then perform the dance number (as a small group).  To get the most out of the workshops, we encourage kids to attend BOTH sessions for their age group.


What do I do if my child is sick or cannot attend a weekly rehearsal?
Please email AND your cast mom team (see below):  – Juniors  – Cast A  – Cast B  – Cast C  – Cast D  – Cast E

What should I pack for my child during weekly rehearsal?

Please make sure to pack their script, PLENTY of water, and a snack.  Please do not pack ANY peanut or nut snacks! There is no water available for sale, and the drinking fountain is too far away.

Will you have snacks for sale?
Snacks will usually be for sale at rehearsal for $1 each.  If your child has any food allergies, please bring a snack from home.

What should my child wear to weekly rehearsal?
Please wear your black SCPA shirt, jazz shoes and comfortable clothes suitable for dancing. Girls, please wear a neat, low pony tail. We prefer shorts or pants, but if your daughter wears a skirt or dress, please wear kick pants underneath.