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Juniors, Cast A, B, C and D  auditions are now complete!

CAST LISTS will be out at the following times. We will email the lists and post to the Hairspray Audition Interest FB group that they have been emailed. Everyone will receive a role!

  • JUNIORS, CAST A, CAST B: Monday, March 4th, approximately 8pm
  • CAST C, CAST D, and CAST E: Sunday, March 10th, approximately 9pm
REHEARSALS will start on the following dates:
  • JUNIORS: Thursday, March 14th, 2:30 – 4pm at the Singers Co location in Ladera Ranch.
  • CAST A: Monday, March 11th, 3:30 – 5:30pm at Cal Elite Kids
  • CAST B: Tuesday, March 12th, 4-6pm at Chaparral Elementary
  • CAST C: Tuesday, March 12th, 6-8pm at Chaparral Elementary
  • CAST D:  Monday, March 11th, 6-8pm at Cal Elite Kids

*** CAST E HIGH SCHOOL/ Adult Auditions have moved to Wednesday, March 6th. 

Click here for CAST E (High School/ College ONLY) Registration

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What can you expect at a SCPA audition?



Monologues and character breakdowns can be found at the following links:

JUNIOR HAIRSPRAY MONOLOGUES – This version is for the JUNIOR 4-7 yr old cast only

HAIRSPRAY MONOLOGUES – Monologues for ages 7 yrs +


Practice song clips can be found at the following link. These will be updated once we have official audition clips.

HAIRSPRAY PRACTICE SONGS (longer versions for general practice)

HAIRSPRAY AUDITION SONG CLIPS (shorter versions for auditions)



Dance videos can be found at the following links:







Many families wanted SCPA to perform HAIRSPRAY over the years (because of the fun characters, high octane dances, and catchy songs) but we hesitated because we didn’t want to cast roles to actors that did not match the ethnicity of the character.  After reading the letter from the creators of HAIRSPRAY, we agreed it was an important lesson for our kids to learn the history about diversity and discrimination and why we don’t judge a person by the color of their skin.

“HAIRSPRAY JR.” Letter from the Creators of Hairspray addresses storyline about Race relations and discrimination in the 1960’s and guidance on how to cast.


[… If your production of Hairspray features actors who are portraying characters whose race may be other than their own.]

Dear Audience Members,

When we, the creators of HAIRSPRAY, first started licensing the show to high-schools and community theatres, we were asked by some about using make-up in order for non-African Americans to portray the black characters in the show. 

Although we comprehend that not every community around the globe has the perfectly balanced make-up (pardon the pun) of ethnicity to cast HAIRSPRAY as written, we had to, of course, forbid any use of the coloring of anyone’s face (even if done respectfully and subtly) for it is still, at the end of the day, a form of blackface, which is a chapter in the story of race in America that our show is obviously against.

Yet, we also realized, to deny an actor the chance to play a role due to the color of his or her skin would be its own form of racism, albeit a “politically correct” one. 

And so, if the production of HAIRSPRAY you are about to see tonight features folks whose skin color doesn’t match the characters (not unlike how Edna has been traditionally played by a man), we ask that you use the timeless theatrical concept of “suspension of disbelief” and allow yourself to witness the story and not the racial background (r gender ) of the actors.  Our show is, after all, about not judging books by their covers! If the direction and the actors are good (and they had better be!) you will still get the message loud and clear.  And hopefully have a great time receiving it!

Thank You,

Marc, Scott, Mark, Tom & John