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Please check back here for a list of kids that are called back.
CALLBACK LIST WILL NOT BE POSTED UNTIL AFTER THE LAST AUDITION (for your child’s age group)and after the judges have a chance to deliberate.
We do not have an exact time that the list will be posted.

Friday, 2/23
Chaparral Elementary School MPR

Saturday, 2/24
Chaparral Elementary School MPR

It is best to stick around during callbacks. You will be able to watch.
The judges will let you know when each child can be released.
Some will stay longer than others.
JUNIORS CAST will have callbacks this time.
*Please leave young children who may be disruptive at home for auditions/callbacks!

ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO IS ALLOWED AT CALLBACKS.  Because callbacks are almost all scenes between two or more kids, we do not allow videos.

When are CALLBACKS and what are they?

Callbacks are Friday 2/23 (Middle School) or Saturday 2/24 (Juniors and Elementary School) at Chaparral Elementary School.  Sometimes for some of the lead roles, we would like several children to audition again to see how they interact with each other. We may ask them to sing another song from the show. If your child does NOT get a callback, it is not because they were not great! There are very talented kids that don’t get a callback because their performance on audition day was enough to cast them in their role. Usually kids who are being considered for one of the 5-6 lead roles will be called back and asked to read part of the script with each other. This will help the judges to see the kids acting side by side and see how they interact with each other. They may also be asked to read for another character they did not audition for but who the judges think might be a better fit. In the “industry” this is called a mix and match. The judges will mix and match kids in some of the lead roles in order to find the perfect combination. If your child is called back, they may perform their monologue, song and dance again. They will also be given parts of the scripts and asked to cold read with other kids opposite them. They may be asked to sing a new song.  CALLBACKS MAY  TAKE A WHILE – please be patient.

Time TBD

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CALLBACK LIST (minimum age 8 – 5th Grade)
Time TBD

Time TBD